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Agricultural commodity trading & processing

We connect producers and users of grain, oil seeds and other agricultural commodities through origination, processing, marketing and distribution capabilities and services.

Grains & Oil seeds, Bio fuels, Sugar, Cotton, Energy, Transportation and Metals

By connecting our expertise in these three areas, Seadolfcp2 brings a unique combination of commercial know-how to the management of supply chains.

Our ability to see the bigger picture and anticipate market trends and opportunities will help support your long-term planning. Our network and commodity expertise will help you succeed in complex and volatile markets. And because we apply the highest standards of business conduct even in the world fastest moving and least structured markets, you can be confident about doing business anywhere in the world.

Farmer services

No matter what grain you grow, no matter where you grow it, we offer solutions to meet the needs of grain producers around the world. A sampling of our offerings include: Grain marketing, Crop protection and inputs, Agronomy advisory services, Specialty growing programs, Animal Nutrition and Silo management.

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